Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A great end to a great month of collecting!

Here are my last additions of June. Whilst on holiday in Suffolk, I got a brief glimpse of one of my now favourite animals, a Reeve's Muntjac. I had never seen this animal in the flesh before so it was a really nice moment for me. I was suprised at just how small they are. Since then I have constantly been searching for the Kaiyodo Choco Q replica...and here it is. With a base I made so he can stand.

Reeve's Muntjac Buck (Kaiyodo Choco Q)

 This next replica is very special! The flagship in my collection. The snow leopard has been one of my most favourite animals since I can remember. This is a copy of a hand sculpted and hand painted creation by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko. It is a true masterpiece. Anna has captured this leopard so well in her work here that it really looks like it belongs in the Himalayas! Thank you very much Anna!

Snow Leopard (ADO 2012)

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