Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New additions - Kaioydo and Epoch

My face is beaming! All three arrived today, from different sellers - I have some stamps now that I think would make a stamp collector quite jealous. The snowy owl (Kaiyodo Zoorasia) I have been after ever since I first saw it on DTF. It is stunning, the pose is wonderful it really makes the owl alive!

The common or river kingfisher (Kaiyodo Birdtales) is beautiful. I used to see some of these living on a small river near me, the electric blue flash of them fishing is a really nice sight. Unfortunately I haven't seen them for quite a few years. This model was damaged, in the post maybe, half of the top part of the beak was snapped off but nothing a pair of focussed hands and some glue couldn't fix! Also the base seems to be facing the wrong way which is a pitty but only a drop of water in the sea. At some point I will retake the photos of the river kingfisher, it is right up there as one of my favourites so I want to do it some justice - maybe with a different camera.

The Egyptian vulture (Epoch) is also brilliant, the base being used to show one of its famous characteristics of using a stone as a tool to break open an egg. It will sit nicely with my Epoch Steller's sea eagle.

My photographs really cannot give any justice to these beautiful birds.

Snowy Owl (Kaiyodo Zoorasia)

River Kingfisher (Kaiyodo Birtales)

River Kingfisher (Kaiyodo Birdtales)

Egyptian Vulture (Epoch)

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